About RoCo's Auditions
RoCo holds an audition ahead of every production we stage. This is so that we can see how many are willing to be involved, and to give everyone the opportunity to read for a part.
It also gives the Director and the casting committee the opportunity to discuss and decide on the cast. The casting committee is made up of the Director and two members of the RoCo committee, who are not reading for a role in that particular production.
In the interest of fairness, everyone who wishes to be considered for a part must first read for the Director.

The audition is held on either a Monday or Thursday evening, starting at 7.30pm and lasting until approx. 9-9.30pm.

What If I'm Not Able To Attend The Audition?
If you are unable to attend the audition, never fear, just let us know that you would like to be considered for a role and the Producer will be in touch to organise an alternative date for you to read for a role before finalising the cast - this may also be done via Zoom.

The Audition
Where possible, we will publicise the title of the play we are hoping to stage, and supply an 'Audition Pack' to those who are interested in reading for a role. You will be able to request this via the website. The audition pack will include a synopsis of the play, a breakdown of the cast of characters, and a few selected portions from the script. That way, you will be able to read for specific character(s) you'd like to be considered for.
For our Murder Mysteries, and in circumstances where are unsure how many will attend an audition, no preparation is necessary, as we provide a sample of the script(s) we are hoping to stage, and all who are looking to be considered for a role will be able to read for a part.
At the end of the evening, the attendee's will be asked whether they are happy to still be considered for a role, then the casting committee will stay behind to discuss casting.
If you are new to RoCo, you will be asked for your contact details during the audition, so that we are able to inform you of your role and any further information ahead of the first rehearsal.

How Do We Choose The Play?
Discussions regarding possible plays are made by the RoCo committee, who also try to research potential productions when possible. However, members of RoCo are encouraged to also look for potential options as well.
We usually are unable to select the play we stage until we know how many people wish to take part and be considered for a role. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes we are unable to fully cast our preferred choice of play. As such, we tend to have a couple of options and then see which one we are able to successfully cast following the audition.

How Do I Find Out When RoCo Is Holding An Audition?
Info on our upcoming auditions will be posted on the website as soon as dates are confirmed by the RoCo Committee. You can also receive updates on upcoming auditions by following us on social media and by joining our mailing list.