About RoCo's Rehearsals
RoCo's rehearsals are held on Monday and Thursday evenings, commencing on the first of these days to follow the audition (if the cast is finalised in time).
Rehearsals are usually held in the St Andrew's Memorial Hall on Monday's and in the upstairs Margaret Fullerton room on Thursday's. Sometimes we are able to rehearse on the stage, if it is available.
Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits are available during a break time, and sometimes somebody brings along a cake!

Rehearsals start at 7.30pm and last until anywhere between 9.30pm-9.45pm.

How Long Do Rehearsals Run For?
Rehearsals for our March and November dramatic productions usually last for approx. 12 weeks. Rehearsals for our summer murder mystery usually last approx. 8/9 weeks.

Technical And Dress Rehearsals
The Technical and dress rehearsals are held on the stage in the St Andrew's Memorial Hall.
The Technical rehearsal is held on the final Sunday before the performance dates, usually starting at around 2pm (unless scheduled otherwise).
The official dress rehearsal is held during the week of the performance nights, however, the cast usually rehearse in costume at various rehearsals in the run-up to the week of the performances.