Calling All Stage Crew!
RoCo always welcomes new members, both on stage and behind the scenes!
For our productions, we all try to muck-in and get done what needs doing, cast and crew alike.
Anyone who unfortunately misses out on a role in our plays is also invited to keep active in the group, by helping with various behind-the-scenes responsibilities.
If you would like to get involved with RoCo but getting up on stage isn't to your fancy, we are always on the lookout for volunteers to help out behind the scenes, across various production roles. Whether as a per-production volunteer or as a regular member, extra hands make light work!

Stage, Sound And Lighting
Woodwork, painting, set design and building, lighting and sound... there are always opportunities for anyone willing and able to help out with Stage Crew and technical supervision.
Whether you have experience in such work or would just like to help out with a bit of DIY, we would love to hear from you!

Wardrobe, Make-Up And Props, Oh My!
RoCo has a large collection of clothing that has been donated to our wardrobe over the years. Sometimes this proves useful for dressing the cast... so long as the items are the right size! However, we don't always have appropriate garments on hand and have to source appropriate options.
The same goes for props. Although we have an extensive collection of bits and bobs in storage, we regularly find that we need to source appropriate items and furniture, from one play to the next.
When we arrive at the final couple of weeks of a production, volunteers are always required to break out the eye shadow and blusher and help get our cast made-up.
If you have interest in supervising or volunteering with costumes, props and make-up, and can help out, please do get in touch.

Are you prompt? How about being a prompt! Of course, everybody works incredibly hard to be word perfect on stage, there are the odd occasions where you may draw a blank on what line comes next. As such, prompts are invaluable.
If this is something you've experience in or would like to have a go to build up experience, we would very much welcome any volunteers who are happy to attend rehearsals, familiarise themselves with both the script and performances, eventually supporting the cast when they take to the stage.

Due to people's busy schedules and work/family commitments, joining any group as a regular member is increasingly difficult these days. As such we would very much appreciate anyone who would be willing and able to lend a hand from time to time, particularly in the final weeks of a production and across the performance week.

If you or someone you know may have interest in any of the above, please do get in touch via our contact page