Death By Design
by Rob Urbinati
Published by Samuel French
Performed; 11th-13th April 2019
Cast (in order of appearance)
Bridget (the maid) – Kathryn Wilkinson
Jack (the chauffeur) – Dominic Pollard
Edward Bennett (the playwright) – Andrew Lamb
Sorel Bennett (the actress) – Mary Shalvey
Walter Pearce (the politician) – Alistair Babbington
Eric (the radical) – Ryan Jones
Victoria Van Roth (the bohemian) – Stella Dobson
Alice (the visitor) – Kam Urwin
Producer – Sheila Telfer
Assistant Producer – Kim Tomlin
Stage Manager – Brian Marston
Technical Supervisor – John Burgess
Wardrobe – Mary Shalvey
Props and Production Assistants – Irene McCartney and Irene Sayer
Make-Up – Bronwen Robinson and Caitlin Jones
Prompt – Pauline Pitman
Decor – Jill Marston and Sheila Telfer
Scenic Artist – Richard Stead
Stage Crew – Alistair Babbington, Mick Brown, John Burgess, John Gray, Brian Marston, Lewis Murray, Michael Payne, Richard Stead and John Wharton
Licensee – John Burgess
House Management – David Porter, Brenda Porter and Charis Varnavides
Box Office – Vivien Hughes
Poster and Publicity Artwork – Andrew Lamb
Publicity and Programmes – The RoCo Committee and Cast
Refreshments – Hilary Owens and team
Sweetshop – Jill Marston
Photography – Jacob Lowe
RoCo wishes to thank all those members and friends who have helped to make this production possible.
This production is dedicated to the memory of Andrea Varnavides, former Secretary and Vice President of the RoCo Dramatics Society.

Bickering couple Edward and Sorel Bennett, a playwright and actress respectively, flee to their country home in Cookham following the disastrous opening night of their latest production. But their desired peace is soon ruined when a number of unexpected guests begin to descend upon them, each with their own long-held secrets. When one of the guests is seemingly murdered, it is up to Bridget, the fiery maid with a macabre interest in homicide to solve the mystery!

by Elizabeth Breckin
Sincere thanks to RoCo Dramatic Society for providing a fun filled Friday evening at St Andrew's very own 'Shaftesbury Avenue' theatre. What a delight to be in a full audience of people enjoying a real laugh together. The sparkle and the escapism of the play, especially in the current climate of uncertainty, was just what the doctor ordered. RoCo has done it again, made us laugh out loud and chuckle with the humour and wit of the cleverly written play by Rob Urbinati.
We were transported back to 1932 in the living room of playwright Edward Bennett and his actress wife Sorel's country home. The set was simply fantastic and a credit to the hardworking stage crew. The cast were all superb, each person offering something extra special to the larger than life characters they were magnificently portraying.
The blend of a touch of farce, the witty often wicked repartee of Noel Coward type dialogue, combined with the unexpected twist of an Agatha Christie style murder mystery, and the addition of a little dash of pantomime made a brilliant cocktail of entertainment.
A huge thank you to Producer Sheila Telfer, Assistant Producer Kim Tomlin, to the wonderful team of backstage management without whom the play could not be staged, to everyone involved in theatre management for their hard work and to front of house for the warm welcome.
Last but by no means least, to the awesome cast - Alistair Babbington, Stella Dobson, Ryan Jones, Andrew Lamb, Dominic Pollard, Mary Shalvey, Kathryn Wilkinson and newcomer Kam Urwin for providing us with an evening of sparkling entertainment and the wonderful gift of laughter.
Andrea Varnavides was a valued member fo RoCo and the dedication of this production was a fitting tribute to her. Andrea would have smiled and applauded each member of the production with love and pride.

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