Junior RoCo
RoCo used to have a specific 'spin-off' group for younger members, named 'Junior RoCo' - which offered drama-based activity sessions for children and teens.
Unfortunately we had to stop the group due to decreasing memberships and also a lack of volunteers able to run the sessions.
RoCo occasionally receives correspondence from parents on behalf of their children, who are interested in drama and getting involved with Am-Dram, but unfortunately there hasn't been enough interest or demand to be able to resume Junior RoCo.

Are Kids & Teens Able To Take Part In RoCo Productions?
Although there are no age limits for those who would like to take part in RoCo productions, the plays and murder mysteries we stage don't typically include roles for children or younger/teen members.
If at all possible (and depending on the script), a role may be able to be added or altered for a younger member to be included in the cast, though this cannot always be guaranteed.
However, RoCo occasionally tries to stage musical's and pantomime's from time to time and they usually do have a number of suitable roles available for younger cast members!

Invitation To Rehearsals
Alternatively, if you have a child/teen who is interested in drama and Am-Dram, RoCo is happy to invite them (accompanied by a parent where appropriate) along to rehearsals, they may even be able to read-in for absentee's on occasion.