The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production Of A Christmas Carol
by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr
Published by Samuel French
Performed; 28th-30th November 2019
Produced by Stella Dobson
Co-Produced by Vivien Hughes​​​​​​​
Cast (in order of appearance)
Mrs Reece (playing Tiny Tim, Fred's Wife, A Gentleman, Mrs Dilber, The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come) – Mary Shalvey
Gordon (playing Mrs Cratchit, Jacob Marley, Half Of The Ghost Of Christmas Present, The Ghost Of Christmas Past, Mr. Fezziwig) – Dominic Pollard
Thelma (playing Ebenezer Scrooge) – Kathryn Wilkinson
Felicity (playing Half The Ghost Of Christmas Present, Fred, Little Fan, Old Joe) – Harriet Glover
Mercedes (playing Bob Cratchit, Belle, A Boy) – Kam Sunner
'Audience Members' (voices of) – Irene McCartney, Irene Sayer, Peter O'Brien and Brian Marston
Stage Management
Stage Manager – Brian Marston
Technical Supervisor – John Burgess
Prompt - Pauline Pitman
Make-Up – Bronwen Robinson and Lisa Robinson
Wardrobe – Mary Shalvey and Barbara Siddall
Props – The Company
Scenic Artist – Richard Stead
Stage Crew – Alistair Babbington, Mick Brown, John Burgess, John Gray, Brian Marston and Michael Payne
Theatre Management
Licensee – John Burgess
Box Office – Vivien Hughes
House Management – Charis Varnavides and team
Refreshments – Hilary Owens and team
Sweetshop – Jill Marston
Photography – Michael Payne
Publicity Artwork & Materials – Andrew Lamb
RoCo wishes to thank all those members and friends who have helped to make this production possible.

In a festive mood, the ladies of the Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society, mount another assault on the classics with their stage version of 'A Christmas Carol'. They enthusiastically portray a dizzy array of characters from the Dickensian favourite, with hilarious consequences.

Photo Gallery
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