Happy Campers
by Richard James
Published by Lazy Bee Scripts
Performed; 22nd-24th November 2018
Cast (in order of appearance)
Beth (sister of Frank) – Irene McCartney
Joan (sister of Frank) – Mary Shalvey
Rachel (daughter of Frank) – Kim Tomlin
Spencer (Rachel's husband) – Ryan Jones
Helen (daughter of Frank, half-sister of Rachel) – Digna Sindin Rodriguez
Michael (son of Helen) – Irene Sayer (voice of)
Tom Wilson (a farmer) – Dominic Pollard
Producer – Mary Shalvey
Stage Management – Brian Marston
Technical Supervisor – John Burgess
Make-Up – Bronwen Robinson and Sheila Telfer
Props and Costumes – Mary Shalvey and The Company
Prompts – Janice Marshall and Brian Marston
Scenic Artists – Mary Shalvey and Richard Stead
Stage Crew – Alistair Babbington, Mick Brown, Brian Marston and Michael Payne
Licensee – John Burgess
House Management – David Porter and team
Box Office – Vivien Hughes
Refreshments – Jill Marston and team
Photography – Michael Payne and Andrew Lamb
Poster Artwork, Programmes and Publicity - Andrew Lamb

The Muir family are taking a trip to the Yorkshire Dales at the request of their late brother and father, Frank, in order to scatter his ashes. What secrets will unfold as the family recount memories and experiences of like with Frank? Will the adventure build bridges in their strained relationships, or will existing in tents rip the family asunder?

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