Ladies In Retirement
by Edward Percy & Reginald Denham
Performed; 20th-22nd March 1986
Produced by Doreen Galbraith
Cast (in order of appearance)
Lucy Gilham - Carolyn Burgess
Leonora Fiske - Beryl Conyers
Ellen Creed - Sheila Telfer
Albert Feather - David Clarke
Louisa Creed - Elizabeth Hayes
Emily Creed - Andrea Varnavides
Sister Theresa - Muriel Hyett
Stage Management
Stage Manager – Peter Morley
Lighting & Sound - John Burgess and John Moore
Prompt - Stella Tinsdale
Costume - Kathleen Foreman
Properties - Pam & John Greenwood
Make-Up - Margaret Jowett and Iris Howell
Hair Stylist - Anne Spinks
Assistant Producer - Cliff Spinks
Theatre Management
Licensee - John G. Burgess
House Manager - Robert A. Morley
Box Office - Gwen Langford
Publicity - Doreen Galbraith
The society wishes to thank all those who have helped in any way with this production, and we thank you for your support.

The Play
The scene is laid in the living room of an old house on the marshes of the Thames estuary, some ten miles to the east of Gravesend.

Photo Gallery
Here is a selection of photos from RoCo's production of Ladies In Retirement.
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