Mystery At Greenfingers
by J. B. Priestley
Performed; 4th-6th July 2013
Produced by Catherine Henderson
Assistant Producer - Andrea Varnavides
Cast (in order of appearance)
Arnold Jordan – Justin Archibald
Edna Sanders - Kate Mace
Keith Henley - Richard Mace
Helen Tennant - Alice Rayner
Sally Philips - Kim Tomlin
Clara Packer - Sarah Merrifield
Rose Heaton - Rachel Cockburn
Fred Poole - James Hassett
Robert Crowther - Adrian Widdowson
Miss Tracey - Sheila Telfer
Mrs Jernigan - Ann McGuffin
Featuring the voice of Tony Breckin
Tony appeared in RoCo's original production of Mystery At Greenfingers in 1963.
Stage Management
Stage Manager – Brian Marston
Technical Supervisor - John Burgess
Wardrobe - Barbara Siddall and Catherine Henderson
Props - Andrea Varnavides and the company.
Make-Up - Margaret Jowett and Bronwen Robinson
Prompt - Irene McCartney
Head of Stage Crew - Brian Marston
Stage Crew - John Burgess, Brian Marston, John Mitton, Michael Payne, Richard Stead and Charis Varnavides
Photographs - Gary Henderson
RoCo wishes to thank all those members who have helped to make this production possible. We hope that you have enjoyed RoCo's 50th anniversary production, and we look forward to seeing you for 'The Sound Of Music' in November.

The Play
The action takes place in one of the staff rooms of the Greenfingers Palace Hotel, in the Peak District.

RoCo's Golden Anniversary Production of Mystery At Greenfingers
by Elizabeth Breckin
Long time member and great friend of RoCo, Elizabeth Breckin, wrote in the St Andrew's quarterly magazine (of Autumn 2013) about our production of Mystery At Greenfingers. The play by J. B. Priestley had been the very first to be staged by RoCo in November 1963 after the group was originally formed, and was selected to be performed again in 2013 to mark the society's 50th Anniversary.
You can read the entire article here

Photo Gallery
Here is a selection of photos, of the cast and programme from RoCo's 2013 production of Mystery At Greenfingers.
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