Sad Canals
by Alice Rayner and Lloyd Coulson
Performed; 30th June and 1st July 2023
Written by Alice Rayner & Lloyd Coulson
Directed by Lloyd Coulson
Sgt. Laura Crossley – Claire Kennedy
PC Ivy Greenwood – Harriet-Lee Glover
Felicity Bottomley – Alice Rayner
Emily Woodhead – Alex Langlands
Jordan Woodhead – Andrew Lamb
Roxy – Katherine Gilboy
Martin Cockroft – Elena Strefford-Caine
Nicole Gledhill – Tira Teague
Mrs Ackroyd – Charlotte Wild
Dot – Kathryn Wilkinson
Janice – Gill Lamont
Janet – Irene McCartney
Regular 1/Reporter – Roman Domurad
Regular 2/Alfie & Georgie's Mum – Mary Shalvey
Peter – Peter O'Brien
Timmy Crossley – Lloyd Coulson
Alfie – Rafael Rayner
Georgie – Ursula deJong
Kitty – Isla Powell
Harper – Eloise Keeler
Harper's Dad – Wai Chan
Alistair Bottomley – Alistair Babbington
And introducing 'Little Langlands' as 'Baby Woodhead'
Stage/Theatre Management
Stage Crew – Alistair Babbington, John Baillie, Wai Chan, Brian Marston, Michael Payne and Richard Stead
Lighting & Sound – Stephen Brown
Technical Advice – John Burgess
Scenic Artist – Richard Stead
Costume & Props – Alistair Babbington, Lloyd Coulson, Mary Shalvey & The Company

Box Office – Jill Marston
Publicity Artwork & Materials – Andrew Lamb
RoCo wishes to thank all those members and friends who have helped to make this production possible, with special thanks to those committee members and friends of RoCo who helped with refreshments, stewarding and the raffle.

Sgt. Laura Crossley has spent her whole career keeping law and order in her little patch of the Calder Valley. But when the Mayor turns up dead, foul play is suspected and she soon has her hands full - thanks in part to her new rookie constable.

Photo Gallery
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