Spring And Port Wine
by Bill Naughton
Performed; 24th-26th October 1974
Produced by C. Margaret Rhodes
Cast (in order of appearance)
Daisy Crompton – Doreen Galbraith
Florence Crompton - Jennifer Leatham
Betsy Jane - Muriel Hyett
Wilfred Crompton - Michael Farquarson
Harold Crompton - Stuart Spinks
Hilda Crompton - Enid Barlow
Rafe Crompton - Cliff Spinks
Arthur - Bill Clarke
Stage/Theatre Management
Stage Manager – Brian Langford
Assisted by - Jack Binns, Stanley Gale, Syd Tinsdale, Norman Turton and Ernest Warwick
Technical Advisor - Joseph Finch
Lighting - Bob Richardson
Sound - John Burgess
Scenic Artist - Norrie Binns
Scenic Decoration - John Clark and Ian Clark
Furnishing - Gwen Langford
Wardrobe - Stella Tinsdale

Props - Carmen Russell
Assisted by - Joanna Lea and Amanda Lea
Make-Up - Janette Bentley
Prompts - Muriel Turton and Pam Greenwood
House Manager - Douglas Bentley
Box Office - Doris Finch
Catering - Irene Brook
During Rehearsals - Ann Spinks and Betty Silkstone
The society wishes to thank all those who have helped in any way with this production, and we thank you for your support.

The Play
The action takes place in the Crompton home during the 1960's.

Photo Gallery
Here is a selection of photos, of the cast and programme from RoCo's production of Spring And Port Wine.
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