Three Doors To Death
by Keith Jackson
Performed by arrangement with Pioneer Drama Services Inc.
Performed; 26th-27th November 2021
Produced by Alistair Babbington
Assistant Producer – Mary Shalvey​​​​​​​
Gordon Forrest – Alistair Babbington
Inspector Woolrich – Lloyd Coulson
Phyllis Love – Kam Urwin
Audrey Thaxter – Kim Tomlin
Paul Westerfield – Andrew Lamb
Jeanette Marsh – Mary Shalvey
Barbara Lloyd – Annette Walton
Dolly Bray – Kathryn Wilkinson
Dorothy Dobbs – Gill Lamont
Sergeant Garrett – Irene Sayer
Dr. Al-Desai – Rhiannon Cartwright
David Sheard – Stephen Brown
Officer Turner (SOCO) – Peter O'Brien
Kate & Bren Cahill
Stage/Theatre Management
Stage Crew – John Burgess, John Gray, Brian Marston and Michael Payne
Prompt - Irene McCartney
Make-Up – Mary Shalvey
Costume & Props – Mary Shalvey & The Company

Box Office – Jill Marston
First Aid – Jane Murray (Friday) and John Burgess (Saturday)
Publicity Artwork & Materials – Andrew Lamb
RoCo wishes to thank all those members and friends who have helped to make this production possible, with special thanks to those committee members and friends of RoCo who helped with refreshments, stewarding and the raffle.

A murder has been committed at the local community theatre, and Inspector Woolrich is tasked with working out who-done-it. Can the motives and methods be unravelled from a cast of suspicious characters, all of whom may have motive to "off" the victim?

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