When We Are Married
by J. B. Priestley
Performed; October 1972
Produced by Doreen Galbraith
Cast (in order of appearance)
Ruby Birtle – Carol Jones
Gerald Forbes - Stephen Marshall
Mrs. Northrop - Margaret Davies
Nancy Holmes - Solveig Ewings
Fred Dyson - Michael Farquarson
Henry Ormonroyd - Brian Langford
Alderman Joseph Helliwell - Gerald Almond
Maria Helliwell - Norah Peacock
Councillor Albert Parker - Sidney Tinsdale
Herbert Soppitt - Stanley Gale
Clara Soppitt - Muriel Turton
Annie Parker - Marian Hazelhurst
Lottie Grady - Margaret Jowett
Rev. Clement Mercer - Leslie Ewings

Stage/Theatre Management
Stage Manager – Brian Langford
Assistant Stage Manager - Bob Richardson
Supported by - Ernest Warwick and Norman Turton
Technical Advisor & Licensee - Joseph Finch
Lighting - Bob Richardson
Special Effects - John Burgess
Furnishing - Gwen Langford
Make-Up - Janette Bentley
Properties - Do. Goodchild and Iris Howell
Scenic Artist - Pam Elsey
Prompt - Stella Tinsdale
Costumes - Louie Wood
House Manager - Douglas Bentley
Box Office - Doris Finch
The society wishes to thank all those who have helped in any way with this production, and we thank you for your support.

The Play
Set about 1908, the action takes place in the sitting room of Alderman Helliwell's house in Clecklewyke, a town in the West Riding.

Photo Gallery
Here is a selection of photos, of the cast and programme from RoCo's production of When We Are Married.
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